Testing & Lab Analysis

By utilizing lab testing and measuring biomarkers, I am able to see a blueprint of what is happening within your mind and body. This objective knowledge is crucial to the success of the personalized health plans we will create together.
To understand my passion and distinctive approach to psychiatry it is important to know I began my medical career in pathology. Pathology is a medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease based on laboratory analysis. Working as a pathologist changed my perception of how to evaluate a patient. I was quickly able to appreciate the necessity of laboratory testing and biochemistry to understand what is happening in the body on a cellular level.

It is impossible to asses a patient and the “root cause” of their presenting symptoms without understanding what is going on behind the scenes in both the body and the brain.
I have extensive training in evaluating lab markers ranging from hormones and thyroid to genetic polymorphisms. I am passionate about epigenetics and our environment’s ability to directly impact the expression of our DNA. I evaluate methylation and how folate deficiencies may be impacting your health.

I measure neurotransmitters as imbalances may lead to the manifestation of psychological, somatic and mood disorders, and related clinical complaints.

I do nutritional testing to uncover where a patient may be deficient. This information allows be to recommend a personalized diet that will help your body thrive. These results also help me suggest proper vitamin supplementation.

Although my patient visits are cash only, many of the lab tests I use may be covered by insurance.