Dr. Fijman was passionate about uncovering the real underlying causes of my depression. She had me change my diet, begin proper supplementation and balance my hormones. This is how psychiatry should be practiced. She evaluates the entire individual and creates personalized precision plans that produce incredible outcomes.


Having been mis-diagnosed most of my life with depression, Dr. Fijman was able to proper diagnose me with Bi-Polar Disorder… I have my life back! I am eternally grateful!


For 23 years I suffered to find the right medication, the correct diagnosis. Dr. Fijman was able to correctly diagnose me within the first couple of visits I had with her. She is an advocate for patients not just coming in to see her, but collaborating with her. She is an exceptional person and doctor and I would recommend her to anyone seeking help for themselves or someone else.


Dr. Fijman is fully committed to finding the best treatment for my mom’s health issues, addressing not only her mental needs but taking into consideration other aspects of her health as well (heart, thyroid, nutrition, etc.) Her constant hunger for knowledge and education are evidence of the passion she has for her work and how serious she takes the commitment she has made to her patients.