Science based innovation

Evidence based treatments, protocols and proactive guidelines give both patients and physicians new and more efficient tools….Together we can leverage innovation to transform behavioral health care.

We are all frustrated. Patients are wanting more time with their physician and better options. Physicians are pursuing knowledge of updated treatments as outcomes resulting from a traditional model of psychiatry are not improving. We all want results.
Over the past 30 years, I have consistently pursued evidence based integrative solutions that evaluate the mind as one with the body.

Over time, the focus of my practice has shifted away from traditional psychiatry toward a “total wellbeing” view of medicine, where optimizing wellness is just as important as treating illness.

My patients and I utilize the latest medical practices based on scientific studies. Evidence-based treatments provide a tangible and measurable road map for improving outcomes and accountability.

I seek out cutting edge science based protocols that are result oriented and evaluate how me and my patients can work together as partners pursuing optimal health.

I have spent thousands of hours researching and educating myself on various clinical avenues that are showing inspiring outcomes.

I am passionate about keeping current with evidence based protocols.