Who we are?

In order to achieve a patient’s goals I use an integrative approach that combines evidenced based conventional and complementary treatments. Individually tailored treatment plans might include exercise, adequate nutrition, supplements, genetic testing, hormonal evaluation, neurotransmitter testing, psychotherapy, spirituality and personalized medications. Through this comprehensive whole body approach individuals have the best opportunity to achieve optimal mental health, wholeness and balance in their lives.

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Meditation Tips for Beginners

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Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!


Dr. Fijman was passionate about uncovering the real underlying causes of my depression. She had me change my diet, begin proper supplementation and balance my hormones. This is how psychiatry should be practiced. She evaluates the entire individual and creates personalized precision plans that produce incredible outcomes.


Having been mis-diagnosed most of my life with depression, Dr. Fijman was able to proper diagnose me with Bi-Polar Disorder… I have my life back! I am eternally grateful!